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Episode 19 --- September 21st
January 03, 2009 11:33 PM PST

Beg for Mercy! Gore Girl and her Tech Guy Yed give you one last chance to breathe before they smash your cerebrum in with Halloween lunacy. Your favorite Ghoul from the Grave celebrates Fall creeping into your nostrils the only way she knows how. With serial killers and Slumber Party Massacre of course! Come listen to GG's very own Svetlana, the Russian Gypsy psychic she kidnapped from the Carpathian Mountains, give predictions about the gang's impending trip to the LGHS Mid-South Convention. You won't want to miss your last chance for survival before Gore Girl unleashes mayhem and hurtles fried chicken the entire month of October! Tune In Before It's Too Late!!!

Episode 18 --- September 14th with Guest STEPHEN WOZNIAK
January 03, 2009 11:29 PM PST

Can you survive "The Most Brutal Movie Ever Made"? Our Vixen of Vile, Gore Girl, welcomes actor Stephen Wozniak from the movie "Chaos" to The GG Hour chopping block. We explore the controversy "Chaos" has spawned with the likes of Roger Ebert and why Stephen is the new "OH MY GOD" guy. You won't want to miss GG wading into Psycho Beach Party with the psychotic slaughtering Messiah himself, so tune in!!!

Episode 17 --- September 7th
January 03, 2009 11:25 PM PST

Feel that tickle in your throat? Our very own Gore Girl keeps us aprised of the newest chunks of remake vomit heading our way. Get your fresh feeding of The GG Hour as we stumble headlong into Tuberculosis with an indepth look into the history and haunts of Waverly Hills Sanatorium. Come swim amongst the tombstone laden waters of Oak Beach with Gore Girl and her Tech Guy Yed!

Episode 16 --- August 31st with Guest MISSOURI GHOST HUNTERS
January 03, 2009 11:19 PM PST

Mmmm... the smells of Labor Day Weekend drift through the GG Studios! Barbecue, Chlorine and smoldering Arm Flesh. That's right, Gore Girl and her Tech Guy Yed are bringing the meat to this action packed Back To School Kickoff as they stab their pencils into school slaughter such as Carrie, Class of Nuke'em High and Wacko! Just when you think her passion couldn't explode any harder, the Countess of Carnage interviews the Missouri Ghost Hunters! End your summer with the most anticipated and bloody Labor Day party around!!!

Episode 15 --- August 24th
January 03, 2009 11:13 PM PST

IT'S GORE GIRL'S BIRTHDAY!!! What better way to celebrate another year of the Harlot of Horror's sadistic reign than with an action packed episode of The Gore Girl Variety Hour! This explosion of gooey birthday goodness bursts with fun and fright as GG and her Tech Guy Yed honor the month of August with cannibals, lost colonies and death by shish kabob. It's a killer bash as GG twists through history and dodges bullets from Coca-Cola assasins. So strap on a propane tank and light the candles at the hottest birthday bash this side of the grave!!!

Episode 14 --- August 17th
January 03, 2009 11:06 PM PST

Ah...Nothing like the smell of a Tech Crew sliming away in the sun as the car they're stuffed into goes barreling down the backbone of America's Heartland. Or the majestic sights of the Great Outdoors co-mingling with the soothing sounds of dueling banjos. That's right, our very own Seductress of Slaughter, Gore Girl, hits the road and gives you all the puss-filled details of speaking at the first ever Spirit Fest in Joplin, Missouri. So grab an orange Monster and an airsick bag as we nibble upon the sweet and tangy carcass of nomading!

Episode 13 --- August 10th
January 03, 2009 11:00 PM PST

It's the "Seinfeld" of GG Shows! Gore Girl and her Tech Guy Yed prepare for a wild week of fests and travel but give you one last spout of incoherence before they go. Ramble on GG!

Episode 12 --- August 3rd
January 03, 2009 10:55 PM PST

Become barking mad with your Reaper of Repugnance, Gore Girl, as she scratches out an homage to killer canines! This disturbing flea-infested edition of the GG Hour will have you begging for more as we gnaw on the carcass that is puppy sex offenders and paralyze some lycanthropic friends with good 'ole Wolfs Bane. It's an action packed show as GG and Tech Guy Yed reminisce about the adrenaline rush, campy feeling of strapping on some rad glasses and swirling frontal lobe first into silver screen 3-D. You won't want to miss the insanity!!!

Episode 11 --- July 27th with Guest DOUG SEMIG
January 03, 2009 10:49 PM PST

Gore Girl sinks her teeth into the always tasty Doug Semig of Ghostly Talk Radio on this episode of the Gore Girl Variety Hour. You'll bust your cadaver seams as they explore the world of UFO's and Massengill. So come curl up on the autopsy table as GG, Doug and Tech Guy Yed demolish the lines of normalcy!!!

Episode 10 --- July 20th
January 03, 2009 10:43 PM PST

It's BATMANPALOOZA! Soar into Gotham's new reign of terror with your tour guide of torture, Gore Girl, as she munches on all the tasty twistedness that is THE DARK KNIGHT. Let the laughter sear your side as GG delves into the caped crusader's past bringing the talent and friction out of the rubber. Holy Decapitated Heads it's going to be a swell time as GG and her Tech Guy Yed induce vomiting with Holly and chase the tale of the Mothman. Strap on a cape and come play with Gore Girl!

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